Private Tutoring

Why should we work with a Learning Edge tutor?
Learning Edge tutors know how to help their students reach their potential, both in the classroom and on standardized exams.  We have a depth of experience that allows us to tailor learning programs to students’ specific needs, and we genuinely care not just about score results, but also about the students as people.

Where are the private sessions held? How often do we meet?
Our Westport office is located at 60 Post Road West in Westport and our Hamden office is located at 3208 Whitney Avenue in Hamden.
There are always exceptions, but in most cases, we meet with students once per week for an hour. We like to try and pick a set weekly time to meet so that there is continuity to the process.   

What is the workload for private tutoring?
Every week, our students take a full-length College Board SAT, full-length ACT exam, or practice subject test. For each student, the first practice test serves as a diagnostic exam that helps determine his or her personal goals for the class. 

Students working with us will head home each week with explanations for how to do each of the questions they missed on that week's test. These explanations are instrumental to the students’ ability to get the most out of the test preparation. After each session, they should go over the questions that they missed on the test by reading through the explanations. This will help reinforce the material we cover in our sessions and help them learn from their mistakes. After reviewing these explanations, if they still have questions, they should bring them up the following week. 

Students working with us on schoolwork will often head home with practice problems to work on before our next session together. Most problem sets we assign will be available as downloadable files on our website. 

What are the private sessions like?
During a typical SAT, ACT, or Subject test review session, the instructor will go through the assigned test with the student and will cover each of the questions that the student missed. The instructor will take note of which types of questions the student tends to miss and cover those concepts in more depth to help him or her answer those questions correctly when they come up again in the future.

Each week, parents will receive an email update that discusses their child’s progress including score updates. In addition, each student will have his or her own password-protected webpage on our website where students and parents can track their standardized test progress each week. This can be found on the test-grading portion of our site (

During a typical schoolwork subject tutorial session, the instructor will review whatever material the student wishes to cover. Tutoring for schoolwork is most effective if the student is able to do a few things:
    •  Get an extra copy of the text book for the tutor to use during the school year
    •  Email the tutor a day or so in advance of the session to let us know what we 
        will cover
    •  Bring us copies of past tests/quizzes so we can familiarize ourselves with 
        their teacher’s style

For what standardized tests can we get help?
Our tutors have worked successfully with students in preparation for the following standardized exams:          

SAT, ACT, Subject tests, ISEE, SSAT, and APs.

For what school subjects can we get help?

Our tutors have worked successfully with students in the following classroom subjects:
        •  Math: all middle school and high school levels
        •  Science: all middle school and high school levels
        •  Spanish and French: all middle school and high school levels
        •  History: all middle school and high school levels

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please try to contact your tutor more than 24 hours in advance whenever you can if you need to cancel an appointment so that we can contact someone on our waiting lists to see if they would like to take the time. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be asked to pay for the session. Please try both email and cell phone when attempting to cancel. You will receive a reminder email the day before each session you have with The Learning Edge. Once that reminder email comes you will be VERY close to the 24-hour cancelation deadline. So, please contact us ASAP after that reminder if you don't intend to come.