The SAT Reasoning Test

SAT Facts
•  The SAT has a maximum score of 2400 (800 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 800 Writing)
•  The test is 3 hours and 45 minutes long. The test includes a 25-minute experimental section, which doesn’t count toward the official score
•  There are 3 sections: Math, Writing, Critical Reading

Mathematics Section: (70 minutes total)
    •  One 25-minute multiple-choice section
    •  One 25-minute section with multiple-choice and free-response questions
    •  One 20-minute multiple-choice section
    •  Quantitative comparison question type from old SAT has been eliminated
    •  A handful of Algebra II concepts have been added to the exam
Writing Section: (60 minutes total)
    •  2 multiple-choice sections  [grammar and usage] -- 35 minutes total
    •  1 essay -- 25 minutes total
Critical Reading Section: (70 minutes total)
    •  Two 25-minute multiple-choice sections
    •  One 20-minute multiple-choice section
    •  Analogies from the old SAT have been eliminated
    •  Short reading passages (10 - 25 lines of text) 

The Mathematics Section: A Closer Look 
Multiple-choice questions:

    •  Multiple-choice questions on the math consist of 5 answer choices (A - E) 
Free Response (student-produced response) questions:
    •  Each test contains 10 student-produced response questions. These are the only questions on the entire exam that do not have a penalty for a wrong             answer.
New Algebra II concepts:
    •  Functions, Transformation of functions, Absolute value, Variation (direct and indirect), Exponential growth, Negative and fractional exponents, properties of tangent lines.

The Writing Section: A Closer Look
Multiple-choice questions:
    •  There are 3 types of multiple-choice writing questions:    
        1) Identifying sentence error questions
        2) Correct the Sentence questions
        3) Correct the Paragraph questions
    •  For the essay you will be asked to express a point of view on a topic, using examples from literature, history or your personal experience to defend this view.
    •  Each essay will be graded by two high school and college teachers across the country and scored on a scale of 1 to 6. A perfect score is 12 out of 12. The score will reflect the overall quality of the essay and competence of the writer. 

The Critical Reading Section: A Closer Look
Multiple-choice questions:
    •  Multiple-choice questions on the critical reading consist of 5 answer choices (A - E) 
    •  There are 3 types of multiple-choice critical reading questions:    
        1) Sentence completions
        2) Short reading passage questions (10 - 30 lines)
        3) Long reading passage questions (45 - 120 lines)
Sentence completions:
    •   These questions test a student’s verbal inference skills, or the ability to figure out the meaning and usage of an unfamiliar word in a sentence.
Short and long reading passages:
    •  SAT reading passages for both short and long passages focus on the main idea of the passage, the tone of the author, and the conclusion of the passage. Students skilled at determining these three aspects of the work will do very well.